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Our carpet cleaning service will leave your carpet clean and fresh, carpets are not something you would clean frequently and because of this your carpet can hold more bacteria than your actual toilet! Even the cleanest looking carpets will be hiding a lot of dirt in its pile. Has your carpet lost its bounce? well with our top of the range Prochem carpet cleaning machines with twin vacuums, this can help the pile spring back to life.


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Carpet Cleaning Prices

At AEP, we understand how a clean, fresh carpet can transform your space. That’s why we offer professional carpet cleaning services tailored to bring new life to your carpets. Whether you’re dealing with an accidental spill or simply want to rejuvenate your home, we’re here to help.

Our Approach:

Spotless Cleaning: We target dirt, allergens, and everyday grime, ensuring your carpet not only looks clean but feels hygienically fresh.
Stain Treatment: Spilled wine or coffee? No problem! We tackle various stains.
Kindly Note:
While we strive for perfection, some stains will not be removable. Products with certain dyes or the carpets delicate fibers might hold onto stains a bit more stubbornly. While we cannot guarantee the removal of all stains, we promise to deliver the best cleaning results possible.

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Standard size rooms – 14ft by 14ft, additional charges will apply for bigger rooms.

Stainguard Plus Allergyshield

This is essentially Scotchgard but with added Allergyshield, it forms an invisible shield on top of your carpet and acts as a barrier. Just ask one of our cleaners to give you a demonstration of how it works, with one of our demo cards. This product truly is amazing and can stop your carpets retaining any stains for up to two years.

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